Cost-Saving Smart Thermostats and Lighting Solutions in the GTA

A well-equipped smart home grants you greater control over your living space and your life. Set the temperature and save on energy costs in your GTA home with smart thermostats, plugs, lighting, and blinds from Max Automations.

Heating & Cooling

Energy-Star certified Nest Learning Thermostats are self-learning and self-programming. These devices learn what temperature you like and build a schedule around yours, saving you money and energy automatically. Its sensors are aware of seasonal changes and your comings and goings. Independent studies show that the Nest thermostat saves users 10-12% on heating bills and 15% on cooling bills. They also grant you control over the temperature with your smartphone, tablet, or computer, so they are great for making your home more accessible. They also send you alerts if the temperature is so low your pipes could burst or if your furnace acts up. Every day, the Nest provides you with an updated energy usage report and has saved billions of kWh in millions of homes worldwide.

Smart Lighting and Accessories

LED bulbs are much more energy efficient than older incandescent bulbs (a smart LED light only takes 6 watts of electricity to give you the brightness of a 60 watt incandescent bulb), saving you money on energy costs and eventually paying themselves off. Moreover, when paired with a smart hub like Google Assistant, smart bulbs allow you to dim them and switch them on and off with the sound of your voice—some even allow for control from your smartphone, providing you with security away from home. You can group bulbs to have a whole room or level of your house under single control, and establish routines.

Smart Outlets

Even while switched off, our appliances and electronics consume electricity—this is called “standby,” “vampire,” or “phantom” power. Smart receptacles (plug outlets) plug into traditional outlets or are installed into your wall, granting you greater control over your electricity usage. They are saving us on energy consumption and providing us with greater security at an affordable price. They are turning our lights on and off, opening our blinds, and keeping our homes comfortable.

Motorized Drapery

Why use oil and gas to heat up your home when sunlight will do it naturally? Why let the sun in when you are running the air conditioner? Automated blinds allow you to set a schedule, and they will open and close without you touching them. When you adjust this schedule to winter and summer months, you will save on heating and air conditioning costs. Voice controls grant you a hands-free solution to adjusting your lighting and privacy.


Why wait to save money? Make your home more energy efficient with cost-saving smart devices from Max Automations.

Handyman Services

In accordance with the ever- evolving market and various needs of our customers, Max Automations is now providing a more diverse portfolio. Therefore, we have partnered with EAC Handyman Services to provide handyman services for your convenience. The new services available now with us include:

  • Interior painting

  • Exterior painting

  • Tile repairs

  • Caulking

  • Trim carpentry

  • Crown moulding

  • Plumbing

  • Drywall repairs

  • Deck and fence repairs

  • Basic electrical services

For more information on our handyman services, contact us.

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